Meningitis Awareness Week – 17th to 23rd September

Meningitis signs and symptoms

The Meningitis Research Foundation is promoting awareness for this deadly condition this week.

According to their latest statistics,  40% of UK adults do not believe they know what meningitis is and “that in 49% of cases, people with meningitis are being sent back home following their first visit to a GP”.

Meningitis is a swelling of the lining around the brain (“meninges”). It can be caused by viruses or bacteria entering the body and can be life threatening.

The Foundation goes on to explain that it is important to act fast and recognise early symptoms which can vary and are not always obvious. These symptoms can include fever, headache, vomiting and cold hands and feet but the most important thing to remember is DO NOT wait for the rash to appear. Seek medical help at the earliest opportunity.

The awareness campaign aims to encourage the public to “trust their instincts” if they suspect meningitis. During this week the Foundation will be making an “awareness pack” available as well as supporting fundraising events. Their website contains more details.

Source: Meningitis Research Foundation

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