E-LEARNING – Introduction to Fire Safety in the Workplace


Course syllabus

This short online course is designed to help you and/or your business understand the risks of fire and the steps that can be taken to mitigate the risk of fire. It will provide the knowledge required to prevent fire and protect people from harm.

The course outlines from the very basics of how fire starts and spreads, through to risk assessments and managing risk, as well as outlining the legal obligations of different people in the workplace and their roles and responsibilities relating to fire safety.

Areas Covered

  • Introduction to fire safety
  • The characteristics of fire
  • Fire classification
  • Fire safety legislation
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Actions in the event of fire


Who is this suitable for?

Any person, especially employees or managers, where there is a requirement to understand fire safety, their roles and responsibilities and the risks associated with fire. This course can be used as a stand-alone module or included in an induction programme.

How does it work?

Our e-learning is available to use on multiple platforms with an internet connection such as tablets, PCs and laptops. We recommend that you do not use on mobile phones.

We will provide you with access to the Learner Management System (LMS) of our partners at Highfield E-learning and you can work your way through the course at your own leisure.

You will be assessed at the end of the course by multiple-choice questions.

How long does it take?

Typically completed in 30-40 minutes we recommend that you allow up to an hour to get the best out of this e-learning.

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